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25% Off
"Websites Designed for FREE"
There are no hidden charges or set-up fees. This is the most inexpensive and effective advertising that's available for businesses that provide their products or services in the Lake Area. No brag... just fact!
"Inexpensive Monthly Leases"
1 Year Lease: $60 -25% = $45
2 Year Lease: $50 -25% = $38
3 Year Lease: $40 -25% = $30
Note: Choose between an Internet Billboard Website or a Mega Full-Screen Website at the rates specified above. If you choose a Mega Full-Screen Website, you will also need to add a Mobile Website that will display properly on cell phones.

The regular price for a Mobile Website is $25 per month, regardless of the length of your lease. For a limited time, we are offering a 20% discount which would bring your cost down to $20 per month.

You will need to use a computer or a laptop to see what the differences are between an Internet Billboard Website and a Mega Full-Screen Website.
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