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Mega Full-Screen Websites are very popular because they fill the entire computer screen. The downside is that they require a Mobile-Friendly component to display on tablets and cell phones. This type of website offers a lot of room for creativity during development.

This is an automatic presentation and there's a short delay between slides. Simply click on any of the websites displayed below to visit that particular company.

The following images are Mobile-Friendly Websites that must be utilized with the Mega Full-Screen Websites. These websites provide a great visual presentation and are extremely easy to navigate. This is what you need if you really want your website to look great on a cell phone. Also used with Internet Billboard Sites.

Cell Phone - 1

Cell Phone - 2

Cell Phone - 3

Cell Phone - 4

Before your website is published on the internet, your approval will be required for the content and all of the images utilized. As your website is being developed, it will be uploaded to a temporary website on the Lake Charles Index so you can view its progress. Without any unforeseen delays, your website should be completed within 7 days.

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